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Re: 3.0.20 release soon

On Wed, 2002-02-27 at 16:26, David Kimdon wrote:
> I think a release would be a great idea.  I'd really like to see a few
> releases of b-f without RC bugs before we release woody.  We
> definately need to make sure the 3 or so remaining RC bugs are fixed
> before releaseing 3.0.20, IMO.


What's the situation with #132990 and the 2.4 white screens of death, do
we have any traction on that bug yet?  Out of the four "serious" bugs
that's the only one that causes me any real concern.  #132671 is
obviously just a case of the sparc people getting their collective
finger out and making a new build.  #123948/#133935 is the cdrom
detection thing; we certainly have the technology to fix that, even if
we don't have complete agreement from the people building custom disk
sets about what the behaviour should be.

We're also accumulating quite a selection of powerpc-specific bugs,
notably #138258, #131709, #132683, #134014, #135626.  None of these are
marked RC, but the first one in particular seems like perhaps it should
be.  Is anybody from the ppc camp looking at these?


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