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Re: Droping 1200kB boot floppies - who minds?

#include <hallo.h>
Phil Blundell wrote on Mon Feb 25, 2002 um 04:47:21PM:
> > disks, but it is nothing but ugly, and still was not sucessfull. So is
> > anyone really interessted in keeping 1200kB version alive? If yes, come
> > and help, otherwise we shold drop this subflavor.
> We talked about this before and there was strong feeling (from Adam I
> think) that dropping 1.2M disks was not acceptable.

Okay, we may keep them. Now I am uploading my CVS build (bf2.4), CVS
diff and new files to

Remaining problems:

 - modconf call must get a proper locale, like de_DE.UTF-8. Phil, could
   you have a look?
 - check rule must be adapted for the new libs
 - Makefile should be rewritten a bit. Currently, it does create
   a root.bin with few locales, makes 1.2meg images, removes root.bin
   and continues as usuall.
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