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Re: Where O where is my basedebs.tgz?

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 03:43:32PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> > No it can, as I described above. I have reports from several people doing
> then why does debootstrap need to optionally delete packages as it
> goes? if the base debs in /var/cache are not a problem when what is?
Is my english really so bad? OK, lets try an example. All numbers are purly
fictional, just to make the point clear.

A user has a Mac with a 200MB harddisk. The disk has three partitions, 100MB
for MacOS, 80MB for linux, 20MB for linux swap. And maybe 8MB of ram, so no,
the swap partition can not be used for /var or added to / (this is not the
typical m68k hardware, but there are also people who want to install linux
on 4MB macs...)

He downloads the macinstall.tar.gz (6MB) and basedebs.tar.gz (20MB) on his
mac partition and then starts the installation. Up to the point where the
first debs from basedebs.tgz (or from the network) are installed, 50MB on
his linux partition are used, so he has 30MB free space left. basedebs are
unpackaged from the tar.gz to /var/cache/apt (or the files are downloaded
via the net and stored there), 10MB space left. Packages are being
installed, 9MB free, 8 7 6 ... out of diskspace, since the 20MB debs unpack
to 25MB on the harddisk. If the files were deleted after being installed
(assuming no deb is larger than 5MB), he could have the basedebs installed
and still have 5MB of free space. But since the files stay in /var/cache/apt
after unpacking, he ends up with -15MB. Oups doesn't work...

I experienced this when I used my 93MB swap partition for woody test
installations, potato always installed there fine. I do my test installs now
in a 1GB partition, but not every user has another gig lying around. And no,
I did not find it obvious why the installation suddenly didn't work anymore,
df still showed plenty of free diskspace, but that is not the problem I want
to explain here. Is the example understandable so far? And my point?


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