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Re: Where O where is my basedebs.tgz?

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 05:52:26AM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> only problem with it is the basedebs.tgz needs to match the
> debootstrap it will be used with.  so if debootstrap gets updated and
> the basedebs.tgz gets regenerated with that version any old build of
> boot-floppies won't be compatible with the new basedebs.tgz.  (only if
> the base lists changed)
Only if the base lists (whatever that is) changed, it will be incompatible?
Is this list available in the disks-<arch> directory after it is installed?
So the script building basedebs could check that script and use the correct
Or maybe we have different basedebs versions, one for each debootstrap
Just choose anything, but do not integrate it into the boot-floppies.

> anything doing this must ask permission first, some of us needs those
> files.  
Sure, optional. Or maybe intelligent? If the installer detects that it
doesn't have enough diskspace available, it might propose to delete some of
the files in /var/cache/apt instead of failing with some weird messages, if
at all. I don't remember seeing any hint when the installation on a 100MB
partition failed for me, where it use to work just fine before.

> but keep in mind that basedebs.tgz is never downloaded, network
> install via basedebs.tgz is not supported, the only time you will end
> up with both the .debs and basedebs.tgz on the root partition is when
> you install via a pile of floppies.  otherwise its simply unpacked
> from whatever partition, or NFS mount you are accessing it from.
Yes, but when files are unpacked, the end in /var/cache/apt. And they stay
there even after they have been installed. Even when installing from the
network, the debs stay in /var/cache. So a woody install needs about double
the space on the linux partitions than potato used to. And there are
people on try to install on a 100MB partition. Do you know how many people
find and old mac and want to install linux on it? It would be nice if they
could also install woody, and not only potato.
I don't want /var/cache/apt to be blindly erased, but maybe the user should
have an option to do so, if the installation is running out of space


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