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Re: Where O where is my basedebs.tgz?

> again permission needs to be asked first. and there isn't much way for
> debootstrap to ask questions through dbootstrap.

Actually there is, we just aren't using it for anything.  We can ask
yes/no questions from debootstrap through dbootstrap.

> there is already a bug on debootstrap to do better space prediction, i
> thought about ways to implement something like that but its really
> non-trivial.

IMO it would be nice to get these space problems fixed, but I agree it
isn't critical and it certainly isn't trivial.  If someone wants to
try and implement some of these ideas, please go ahead.  For potato 64
MB was required.  I don't know how much is required now but it sounds
like it is something more than 100 MB.


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