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Re: Where O where is my basedebs.tgz?

On Thu, Oct 04, 2001 at 06:49:08AM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> the only solution is building basedebs.tgz only with the version of
> debootstrap that the latest build of b-f used.  or accepting the fact
> that you have to rebuild b-f every time debootstrap updates its base list.
debootstrap is used in the bf build? I don't think its bad to rebuild then.
Unless of course there is a new debootstrap package every other day...
But what about adding this list to the bf build, so that the basedebs script
could look at the script (since its installed in disks,arch> with all the
other files) and build the "right" basedebs. This list will not take up MBs
of space, will it? (no, I did not look at the script right now).

> well if im understanding your problem deleting /var/cache won't do any
> good, since you can't do that until after you have extracted the .debs
> in /var/cache.  
Install a deb, then delete it from /var/cache, install next deb, delete it.
That way you need a minimum of extra space, and not twice the space. After
all, you do not need the deb anymore after it has been installed? I know,
its nice to still have it there as a backup, but its not _needed_?
> base-config is already blindly erasing it, the maintainer refuses to
> fix that for those who don't want it erased.
But only _after_ everything has been installed? That doesn't help "my"

> if your problem is occuring in boot-floppies base install as i suspect
> there is nothing that can be done, other the resurecting the old
> potato style baseX_Y.tgz (which is gross since that has to be built
> on each arch, its not arch independent unlike basedebs.tgz).
No it can, as I described above. I have reports from several people doing
that by hand, so it should be possible (optional, maybe only after setting a
special compile flag, or only on m68k or whatever) to do that automatically
as well. Or to tell the user he is running out of space which could cause
the installation to fail, instead of bombing out.

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