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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 03:17:52PM +0100, Alan Buxey wrote:
> hi,
> > And did you have the same amount of stuff in it ? 
> these are the standard downloadables from APUS@sourceforge
> they have pretty much the same functionality. I guess
> there are many features that can be cut out of 2.4.4
> (but most stuff, such as khttpd are as modules already)

Ok, do you still volunteer to give it a try ?

mmm, would it be possible to make 880Ko ones ? i don't think so, but then you
may be able to do it, splitting the kernel in 2 and reconstructiong it again
in the ramdisk. You would need copy and join though. Are those in the AimgaOS
rom ? maybe ...

But then, i don't think the 880Ko ones are really worth it.


Sven Luther

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