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Re: Debian Installation from non IDE bootable CDROM (SoundBlaster 16)


> Adam wrote:
> Could you possibly test the potato boot-floppies (current 2.2.5, 2.2.6
> should release soon)?  I beleive some issues regarding non-ATAPI
> CD-ROMs have been install but it would be good for us to know whether
> this problem still exists w/ the potato boot-floppies, which is what
> we are actually using now.
> Note that I'm not actually suggestion you install the potato stuff --
> in many ways, that has more problems right now than the stable stuff.
> Just that you test the potato stuff so we know whether we have fixed
> these problems for the upcoming release.

I would be more than happy to test the installation program using the potato
boot disks.

Just to follow up on Glens suggestions, I tried but after 2 hours of trying
to load the sbpcd module at the boot prompt, I ended up using the NFS option
and installing from a shared 48xCDROM off my RedHat server.  Interestingly
enough when I had installed the base system and rebooted the system the
CDRom driver and module had loaded and the damn thing was now available.
Appears to be a loop in the install prog where you can load the module.  The
Inmod cmnd reported a successful load and the CDROM light lit up then from
that point on the best I could get was device already loaded or busy when I
tried to mount it even though the system said it was not mounted.

I guess that as you say the 2x Non ATAPI CDROMs are rare these days and
there would be little use in spending a lot of time developing this.  Hope
this can help, and will let you know if the Potato disks have this sorted.

btw I am stunned at the number of packages available in Debian and the .deb
packager is really neat however needs a simple GUI to make it awesome.  You
will also be happy to know that my old 486 is running DNS, HTTPD, Squid
Proxy, Mail, NFS, SAMBA and NEWS from a single IP out of this install.  I am
getting my head around some of the Debian differences but all in all not bad
hey.  NT on this machine struggles to even get the base OS running! let
alone a web & mail server :)

The XF86Setup and mouse config was buggy, as I accidently picked the wrong
mouse and when the setup prog loaded I had no keyboard control and the mouse
pointer was stuck in the top left corner of the screen  :(  Fortunately I
knew how to CTRL+ALT+BKSPC and edit the sysconfig manually  (*The Avg user
would have Cold booted the PC) .Once again an autoprobe should have selected
the PS/2 mouse and loaded the psaux module automatically.  How many users
out there actually know the difference between a PS/2 serial Mouse and a
Microsoft mouse when half the worlds Mice have Micro$oft labels on them?

PPS. Please let me know if you require other types of end user testing as
well.  I have a range of PC's and hardware on a LAN at current.  I am more
than happy to volunteer constructive critism on components of the install
progs or the apps.

The machines I test on are:
Original IBM 486/DX2/66 Performer with 64 MB RAM (72pin), Panasonic 2xCDROM
connected to an old SoundBlaster16, 4xHDD(1x6.4G Seagate, 1x512M IBM, 1x526M
WD and 1x256M WD Caviar), S3 864 2MB SDAC SVGA, IBM NE2000 Campatible
Network Card.

Compaq Deskpro 5166 Pentium 166 with 64 MB RAM(EDO), 1x4.2G Sirocco BigFoot,
1x2.5G WD Caviar, 8xIDE Matsachuta CDROM, Cirrus 5144 4MB SVGA, Integrated
Netflex 10/100MBs Network Controller and Card.

Whilst these are old, if an operating system works on them then the
migration to a my new DELL poweredge dual pentium III 450 is a breeze.  Bear
in mind too that the IBM 486 has served as a mail & DNS server for some 18
months running sendmail without any glitches or down time apart from testing
or upgrades to the kernel and Bind.

Regards and thanks again for taking the time to reply, very much
appreciated.  I will let you know how I go with the Potato boot.

David Willis

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