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Debian Installation from non IDE bootable CDROM (SoundBlaster 16)

I have just purchased a packaged copy of Debian, however can not get past the install base system part.
My PC is a 486/dx2 66 IBM Performer with 64 MB RAM and 8 GIG HDD.  The CDROM is the problem, it is a Panasonic 2x connected to an original SoundBlaster 16 Audio Card.  It is not bootable.
I have gone through the process of creating the Boot disk resc1440.bin & drv1440.bin using rawrite2 and successfully added the sbpcd module during the floppy boot initial install.  From here when prompted for the installation media I choose the proprietory CDROM but the install program can not find or load the module even though the sbpcd module is checked with the + sign and loaded successfully.
Needless to say I have tried the O'Reilly book which came in the package, your FAQ and visited the IRC channel #Debian for help.  I am somewhat frustrated hence this email, can you help?  I do all testing on my spare trusty 486 & want to test out Debian prior to setting up my Pentium 450 WebServer which has been running RedHat for some 9 Months now.  Prior to that I was running on a pentium Pro for 18 months. I like the concept of the Debian community and principals behind your organisation.
NB. I know I could use the IDE CDROM from my other PC however I shouldn't need to.
Secondly how do I register my product?  Maybe I am blind but I can not find anywhere on the home page to do so.
PPS I live in Australia.
Thank you for your time.
David Willis

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