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Re: Debian Installation from non IDE bootable CDROM (SoundBlaster 16)

You could go to the command line (alt-f2) and do a few manual commands
to check the module is loaded. lsmod will list all currently loaded
modules. insmod sbpcd inserts the module

If the module is loaded, and install from proprietry cd doesnt work, you
could try mounting the CD to a directory from the command line, and then
choose install from mounted directory instead of install from cd.

To mount the cd to the /instmnt directory type something like
mount -t iso9660 /dev/sbpcd /instmnt then 

Im not sure about the CD you have.. i dont remember any install from
proprietry cd in dbootstrap, maybe they customised the install
In anycase registering the product would refer to registering the
product with the people who made (packaged) the cd/book combo.

> willdj wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just purchased a packaged copy of Debian, however can not get
> past the install base system part.
> My PC is a 486/dx2 66 IBM Performer with 64 MB RAM and 8 GIG HDD.  The
> CDROM is the problem, it is a Panasonic 2x connected to an original
> SoundBlaster 16 Audio Card.  It is not bootable.
> I have gone through the process of creating the Boot disk resc1440.bin
> & drv1440.bin using rawrite2 and successfully added the sbpcd module
> during the floppy boot initial install.  From here when prompted for
> the installation media I choose the proprietory CDROM but the install
> program can not find or load the module even though the sbpcd module
> is checked with the + sign and loaded successfully.
> Needless to say I have tried the O'Reilly book which came in the
> package, your FAQ and visited the IRC channel #Debian for help.  I am
> somewhat frustrated hence this email, can you help?  I do all
> testing on my spare trusty 486 & want to test out Debian prior to
> setting up my Pentium 450 WebServer which has been running RedHat for
> some 9 Months now.  Prior to that I was running on a pentium Pro for
> 18 months. I like the concept of the Debian community and principals
> behind your organisation.
> NB. I know I could use the IDE CDROM from my other PC however I
> shouldn't need to.
> Secondly how do I register my product?  Maybe I am blind but I can not
> find anywhere on the home page to do so.
> PPS I live in Australia.
> Thank you for your time.
> David Willis
> willdj@epo-box.com

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