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Re: Compaq Smart array and DAC960 support on potato boot floppies -- your help needed

On Sunday, January 30, 2000 at 22:41:36 (-0700), Randolph Chung wrote:
> There have been several requests to support these popular RAID devices
> for potato boot floppies. Unfortunately, none of the current boot
> floppies developers have easy access to these systems to test on.
> If you have such a system, please help us test boot floppies to ensure
> that they will work. Current boot floppy snapshots are at
> http://lully.debian.org/~aph/bf-2.2.5-i386/


I recently obtained a Compaq Proliant 2000, which has a Smart Array
Controller built-in. I tested the boot floppies 2.2.4 and noted that they
did not support the controller, so I was going to find out how to build
my own boot-floppies, now luckily you already cared about it!

I will test the boot-floppy snapshots you mentioned next friday, when I'm
back home. I will then report any problems that I encounter.


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