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Re: Firing up a Dell Latitude XPi

>I saw your posting in the Debian mailinglist archives on:
>I would like to know how to use potato bootdisks to install slink.

We don't officially support this but I'm happy to do what I can so
another Debian user can be converted over to the One True
Distro(TM). :)

>The problem Im encountering is that when I reach "Color or Monochrome
>display" (?), the whole display is slided horizontally. This gives half of
>the ansi window of each side of the screen. Im kind of new to Linux on
>laptops, so I dont know if I should use any arguments to the boot loader
>on the boot floppies.

Eh?  Really?  Try again with 2.2.5 potato boot-floppies or better.
This definately should not occur.  Please let us know if it does --
maybe a bad bug?

Be sure to CC debian-boot@lists.debian.org.

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