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Re: Kernel size problems on Alpha

David Huggins-Daines <dhd@eradicator.org> writes:

> So the netfetch stuff still requires the drivers to be in the kernel?

No.  But if you wanna install the kernel/modules over the net,
obviously, you must have a NIC configured.

> It strikes me that if there's extra space on the root disk (which there
> definitely appears to be on all architectures), we could just put network
> drivers on there (like we do for Unix domain sockets :).

Feh -- you can do that but it's arch-specific.

> This would of course mean that we'd have a separate configuration
> screen for network drivers vs. other drivers.  And yes, I will
> volunteer to code this if need be.  Personally I think it should
> just be integrated into the

Ick again. I really don't wanna go there.  I don't think its worth it.
But I won't block efforts to get it to happen if people want to.

I think the technique that Randolph is using for i386 is better --
have a kernel with cruft removed and NIC's in the kernel as an
alternate flavor.

> "configure networking" step, and that step should be moved to the very
> beginning of the install process.

No need.  When the user selects, for instance, install kernel/drivers
from network, they automatically get kicked over to the configure
network screen.

> Of course I haven't really been following boot-floppies developments for a
> while until just today so feel free to shoot me down here :)

We have too much to do already without making more...

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