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Kernel size problems on Alpha


Current boot-floppies CVS now builds fine on Alpha, except for one small

There's no longer enough space on a 1.4M floppy for the 2.2 kernel and MILO
2.0.35, let alone MILO 2.2 (the one from http://www.suse.de/~stepan/).  A
2.8M floppy or floppy image should be fine though (I haven't tried building
one yet)

We are short about 10k, so it may be possible to trim the kernel a bit.
However, MILO 2.2 is about 200k bigger on average (it varies between

Who builds the kernel-image packages for Alpha, and what configuration is
used?  I would like to play around with it a bit to try and get it slimmed
up a bit.

Note that we also have a few hundred K on the root disk that can be used for
networking modules and such, so it's not necessary for everything to be
compiled into the kernel (at the moment, I believe several net drivers are
compiled in)

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