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Re: Kernel size problems on Alpha

David Huggins-Daines <dhd@eradicator.org> writes:

> Who builds the kernel-image packages for Alpha, and what configuration is
> used?  I would like to play around with it a bit to try and get it slimmed
> up a bit.

I dunno anything about that.

> Note that we also have a few hundred K on the root disk that can be used for
> networking modules and such, so it's not necessary for everything to be
> compiled into the kernel (at the moment, I believe several net drivers are
> compiled in)

Having network drivers compiled in is a *good* thing -- then you can
install the OS and the modules via the network rather than using the
rescue disk and the drivers disks.

You might wanna play with 1720 sized floppies or whatever... -- I know
that in i386-land we had problems with them but it works with tom's
boot disk.

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