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Re: Kernel size problems on Alpha

On Wed, Jan 05, 2000 at 08:55:13PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > This would of course mean that we'd have a separate configuration
> > screen for network drivers vs. other drivers.  And yes, I will
> Ick again. I really don't wanna go there.  I don't think its worth it.
> But I won't block efforts to get it to happen if people want to.

Yeah, I guess I see your point there.

> I think the technique that Randolph is using for i386 is better --
> have a kernel with cruft removed and NIC's in the kernel as an
> alternate flavor.

That sounds good.

Looking at the Red Hat install I notice that they have used three disks
(MILO, kernel, root fs) anyway since RH 6.0.  I hate to have to add yet
another disk to the large installation set, but it looks like that's the way
we'll have to do it too (I'll make the necessary tweaks to rescue.sh
tonight).  Of course there can also be a 2.8M floppy image (I think a number
of Alphas actually have 2.8M floppies) with everything on it. 

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