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Re: autodectection of modules at boot time

hi joey,

> > The script you want to run is anXious (name courtesy of Branden :P). It uses
> > whiptail. Run it with the --test option if you don't want it to actually run
> > apt-get at the end to install the packages.
> Hi, I took a look at this.
> The selection of window manager is going to be able to be handled with
> debconf, with a similar UI but it will work better (trust me).

i was originally going to try doing this with debconf, but just didn't have
a chance to do it yet. if you can put something together, that will be
great! I am thinking that a lot of this configuration will go on when the
system is only minimally configured, so we have to make sure that whatever
we come up have as few dependencies as possible.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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