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Re: autodectection of modules at boot time

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> I'm wondering if we couldn't get more integration and cooperation
> going here.  Without early cooperation and integration of working
> code, I don't think any system will become mainstream quickly.

If I would understand the bootdisk package I would write patches to
integrate my code with that to form a second bootdisk set.

I will definetly need the busybox stuff from the bootfloppy package.

> There's also a package out there by Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org>,
> called xdivdetect, which seems to do an excellent job automatically
> determing which X server you ought to install.

That sound intresting. s it a debian Package and how well does it work?

> Automatic hardware detection has many implications and aspects.  I
> think lumping them is a mistake.
> My interest is simply in having a reasonable installation which
> requires less user expertise and less prompting.  Thus, these are the
> types of autoconfiguration I'm interested in, and who you should work
> with for each:
>   * determine which device is a CD-ROM, determine if we've got a
>     debian official cd (boot-floppies, debconf maintainer, debian-cd)

I won´t care what is a CDrom (but its easy, just ask /proc), but I
will check for filesystems on any medium found and check for certain
files there.

>   * bootp/dhcp integration in the boot-floppies (boot-floppies)

I´m intrested in that too, but I never used it and don´t know enough
about it right now to tell how difficult it is.

>   * core system support, meaning the hardware level to get you up and
>     booting, such as IDE, SCSI, network (boot-floppies)

Ide should work fine, there aren´t any big differences in the
chips. Scsi and Network will be a pure size problem. I don´t think
both will fit on 1.44 MB bootdisk. A drivers disk would be an option
or a 2.88 MB image for CD´s.

>   * pick your X server (X strike force)

I will use the framebuffer X server so I won´t work on that.

>   * sound hardware support (?)

Well, sometimes next year maybe.

May the Source be with you.

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