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Re: 2.2.11 boot floppies

In message <[🔎] 19990818235540.L10750@kitenet.net> you wrote:
>Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>> Can you please direct release-related info to debian-release?
>I was under the impression it was a closed list for people in power.

Well, it's open but its an action list.  What you are proposing is 
serious action and requires coordination.

>> Eh... Please try to coordinate a bit here, someone.  Has debian-cd been
>> bonked about this?  How about the porters?
>Not yet. I've only been working on this for 3 days! Anyway, impact on the
>porters should be minimal, perhaps 10 or 15 packages to rebuild.

*cough* *cough*  Your asking them to move to a 2.2 kernel system.  I 
don't know that this will necessarily work for them or not.  Fortunately,
the boot-floppies are flexible enough to go either way.

>Impact on
>debian-cd hopefully minimal as well, since there's no reason not to use the
>same package that was used to build the original slink cd's. (I realize they
>probably have something much better by now, but the whole point of this
>update is to only update things that are user-visible and user-critical).

Well, we would want to rebuild the CD image, even if they use the slink-cd
(older) scripts, that's fine with me... just so they update the manuals,
boot-floppies, catch any new pkgs...  God knows if there are space issues
to worry about, even with this minor update.

Do we want to first do a 2.1r3 with just flushing out proposed-updates
and maybe a new boot-floppies (based on the 2.1.11 source which should
be at least as functional as 2.1.9) ?

Or do we want to just go right after a 2.2 kernel ready update of slink
either numbered as 2.1r3 or else 2.2?

(I actually prefer using a point release rather than bumping to 2.2).

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