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Re: 2.2.11 boot floppies

>Because the 2.2 kernel has security fixes (I think), plus it works a lot
>better with a lot more hardware than does 2.0, and of course it has a lot of
>new features. It's similar to why I want slink with an updated X, because
>the old drivers are just not working well on new hardware these days.
>(Oh, and BTW, *every* other major linux distro has a 2.2 kernel by default
>now, accoording to the LJ disto comparison.)
>I really don't see the need to keep 2.0.36 in there. 

Geeze, I'm not quite sure what you're going for.  Are you lobbying to
have a 2.1rX which include 2.2 updates?

If so, I could get behind that, but I am a little sketical about it --
I would want to get some test data about how much better kernel 2.2
does for folks trying to install Debian.

As for the package updates required for this, there are really only a
few which need to be updated, see the slink release pages for
information.  I think it could be done if there is the general resolve
to do it.  Also, I would want impressions from people on non-i386

Even if we're not going to go for making slink linux 2.2 certified, I
could still see the value of having both linux 2.2 and 2.0.x based

I would dearly like to see updated boot-floppies in either case.

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