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Re: 2.2.11 boot floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Can you please direct release-related info to debian-release?

I was under the impression it was a closed list for people in power.

> Are you on that list?

Yes; previously for DWN summary purposes.

> >Everyone I've talked to it
> >seems in favor of it and I have the support of the stable relese manager,
> >Vincent Renardias.
> Oh, excellent, Vincent was announced.  Cool.

Let's say this brought him out of hiding. ;-)

> Eh... Please try to coordinate a bit here, someone.  Has debian-cd been
> bonked about this?  How about the porters?

Not yet. I've only been working on this for 3 days! Anyway, impact on the
porters should be minimal, perhaps 10 or 15 packages to rebuild. Impact on
debian-cd hopefully minimal as well, since there's no reason not to use the
same package that was used to build the original slink cd's. (I realize they
probably have something much better by now, but the whole point of this
update is to only update things that are user-visible and user-critical).

see shy jo

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