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Re: 2.2.11 boot floppies

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Well, I guess I was asking why we want slink plus 2.2 kernel at all.
> Although Sun4u uses this...

Because the 2.2 kernel has security fixes (I think), plus it works a lot
better with a lot more hardware than does 2.0, and of course it has a lot of
new features. It's similar to why I want slink with an updated X, because
the old drivers are just not working well on new hardware these days.

(Oh, and BTW, *every* other major linux distro has a 2.2 kernel by default
now, accoording to the LJ disto comparison.)

> >>   why use 2.1.9 and not the boot-floppies sources from CVS, which fix
> >>   many many bugs?
> >
> >Because I got the impression they were somewhat a work in progress and this
> >is intended for a release in a mere 2 months time.
> No, I was referrring to 2.1.11, which is on the slink branch.  This is as
> stable as 2.1.9, maybe more so, with a huge number of documentation 
> improvement and a number of critical bug fixes.  Changelog included below.

Oh, great. I wasn't aware of that. I'll grab it and update then. Hopefully

> See boot-flopppies/README-CVS for how to check out the slink branch.
> Honestly, if you could build 2.1.11 with 2.0.36 and 2.2 series kernels,
> that would be great for an update of Slink.

I really don't see the need to keep 2.0.36 in there. 

see shy jo

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