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Re: Blends integration into the Debian Installer

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:
>> All you basically need to to create a <blend>-all package that somehow 
>> pulls all the packages you want to see in the default installation. If 
>> one uses blends-dev, this can be done by using the "Install: true" 
>> flag; however you are free to create the package on your own.
> Sorry, I still don't understand...
> Above you wrote "<blend>-all package" but in your other post in this 
> thread you wrote "<blend>-all file".

<blend>-all is a package.

> If "file" was a typo, then does that mean that _any_ *.deb package in 
> Debian in section "metapackages" with package name "*-all" will get 
> included in the blends list in debian-installer?

There is no automatism. The <blends>-all files are all manually
mentioned in the debian-blends-tasks.desc file. If they are not
mentioned there (as currently for Debian-Parl), they don't get
included. That is the reason why I am asking for a patch.

> I can easily do that, but suspect I am missing some more constraints.

It is as easy as creating another metapackage. For the blends that use
blends-dev it will recommend other blend metapackages, but this is not a

[from the other post]
> Where is that debian-blends-task.desc file that you ask me to update?  

Its source is in the "blends" source package, which since the last
revision creates a "blends-tasks" binary package containing just this
one file (just 1:1 installation, no magic). So, here:


> If it is part of the blends-dev source package, then could we please 
> move that file to somewhere independent of our different build tools?

The source package of blends-dev is src:blends, which in my
understanding is a common framework for the blends files. The blends may
use it completely or leave out what they don't need/want, so
contributing to debian-blends-tasks.desc would not mean to accept the
other packages of this source package.

Your request seems a bit more emotional motivated than technical; I
would just ask you to have some pragmatic approach here. The 
debian-blends-tasks.desc file is probably rarely edited, so I don't
think we need something more sophisticated here.

Best regards


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