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Re: Blends integration into the Debian Installer

Quoting Ole Streicher (2016-05-24 15:25:38)
> Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> writes:
>> Quoting Ole Streicher (2016-05-24 14:31:41)
>>> Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:
>>>> I will open wishlist bug reports for all blends mentioned in the 
>>>> web page to clarify if and what they want to have in a default 
>>>> installation.
>>> Did this for almost all blends that claim to have metapackages:
>>                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> I briefly skimed the bugreport for multimedia blend, and instructions 
>> there seemed to be specific to using blends-dev for generating the 
>> metapackages.
>> Do the inclusion into debian-installer require blends-dev?  If not, 
>> is there any hints anywhere on generic requirements?
> All you basically need to to create a <blend>-all package that somehow 
> pulls all the packages you want to see in the default installation. If 
> one uses blends-dev, this can be done by using the "Install: true" 
> flag; however you are free to create the package on your own.

Sorry, I still don't understand...

Above you wrote "<blend>-all package" but in your other post in this 
thread you wrote "<blend>-all file".

If "file" was a typo, then does that mean that _any_ *.deb package in 
Debian in section "metapackages" with package name "*-all" will get 
included in the blends list in debian-installer?  I can easily do that, 
but suspect I am missing some more constraints.

If instead "package" was a typo, what is the full path of that *-all 
file, and what is the syntax of its contents?

 - Jonas

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