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Re: My sprint report

Hi Ole,

On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 01:18:19PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> >
> > Sure, if you tell me *what* *exactly* you want to query for.  Should the
> > query just add three columns
> >
> >    'ASCL-Id', 'Bug-Database' and Repository
> >
> > or something else?  I'm also wondering about the generic names. What about
> >
> >     ASCL-Id, upstream-bugs, upstream-repository
> I thought about just querying the whole dictionary, so that one would
> not need to go through this again when needing another field. However,
> as I understood you, this is a question of optimization.

Its not so much about optimisation.  We can not simply turn a *value* in
the upstream_metadata table into a column in the result set.  There
could be new values arise and this does not magically create a new
column inside the query.  So we need to *define* how the result set
should be and this should be what we really use.

> So, I am also
> happy with just exactly these three fields, and also with the generic
> names (maybe, lowercase all?). That would give the same links for Debian
> as for Upstream (depending on availability):
> Debian:    Maintainer page / Bugs / VCS
> Upstream:  Homepage / Bugs /VCS

But we need distinguished column names.  Please tell me exactly what
keyword in the upstream/metadata file should end up in the result set
under what name (no duplicates please).

Kind regards



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