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Re: My sprint report

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> In the second part I created a UDD gatherer of the debian/upstream/edam
> files created by other sprint participants to make a cross link between
> Debian and EDAM.  The UDD gatherer fetches the data from these files and
> is exposing the data again in the query script[1] together with all
> other metadata about bioinformatics tools inside Debian.

>From the udd git log, I can see that you also completed the reading of
upstream/metadata in udd. Could you give me a hint on how to use this in
blendstasktools? I'd like to add some more upstream information (namely
the repository and the bug database) to the (alternative) package

Another issue: For astronomy related programs, we have an attempt to
index the available source code -- <https://ascl.net>. This library
assignes a unique (citable) id to heach registered code. What would be
the best way to include these ids? Would it be useful to add an
"ASCL-Id" field?

Best regards


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