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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:
> If some package is in new it is detected by checking the table
> new_packages and the information is taken from this table (exclusively).
> If a package is not in new it is checked whether it can be found in
> blends_prospective_packages table which is created out of a *selection*
> of VCSes (Git and SVN) of known Blends.

OK; however I do not completely understand why thid is the case.

> I'm quite positive that the best way to solve your problem is the
> properly import all data that is available in the new queue rather than
> hacking around this by checking other (not necessarily related)
> tables.

Not really: Sure, some information should be taken from the NEW
queue (like the WNPP bug number). But for example it would be useful to
have the RCS URL available for packages in NEW. Also the version number
from RCS would be useful. The upstream/metadata are taken from there
anyway yet (right?), but not for NEW packages.

In principle, anything that is not available from the NEW queue entry
could come from RCS for that time.

Best regards


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