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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

On Mon, Dec 07, 2015 at 11:20:09AM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> And I must say that I don't see a real-world use for them.

I have seen debtags based installation of packages which was a pretty
good real world usage example.  Debian Games used to base the design of
their tasks based on debtags (they even argued there is no use for tasks
since there are debtags).

> For example,
> the Blends package lists I am currently working on (wich is the origin
> of all the discussion here) would be a perfect place to use this
> information, or at least to display them in a nice form so that a user
> could benefit from them. However: I have no other idea than just to
> create a line "Tags" and plainly list them.

The current way to only list them is to trigger a better maintenance.
At least I pushed the yellow DebTags button from time to time.
> Horribly useless.

It is useless because not all Blends - or rather only one Blend (Debian
Games) - properly maintained DebTags.  The potential of DebTags is IMHO
very much underestimated and it will remain so since nobody puts a
sufficient amount of time into it.

> Andreas' Tasks pages also hide them in some tooltip; and they appear
> there as well just as plain tags. In packages.d.o they are at least on
> the main page, but also just as a plain list. I doubt this gives
> anything to a non-geek end user.

I admit that the current tasks pages do not advertise/use DebTags very
much but at least they do not ignore it.

> Let's take two of my packages: esorex and astrometry.net. The first one
> has debtags, the second hasn't. Can you point me to a /any/ place in the
> Debian ecosystem where esorex benefits from its debtags, while
> astrometry.net doesn't? Could you specify a use case that is currently
> solved with the Debtags?

Well, the use comes if you ***design*** a proper set of DebTags and add
these to all the packages.  I have to less time currently to refer about
DebTags in detail.

Kind regards



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