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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:
> On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 8:23 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:
>> Two point here, however: Screenshots make sense only for quite a subset
>> of packages, so I am not sure why people should get attracted to them in
>> a general way. And, Debtags seem to be obsoleted soon by Appstream,
>> so I am not sure how much worth the tagging effort is in the moment.
> Screenshots are applicable to anything with an interface and I think
> since blends are user-oriented, most of the blends packages will have
> some sort of interface.

At least for astronomy, most of the packages are part of some framework:
Python, GDL, (ESO-) CPL etc. They usually have their user interface
through the framework, which is more or less independent of the packages
packages. For example, the CPL framework has ~12 plugins, and two user
interfaces: one command line (esorex) and two Python (python-cpl). The
Python interface is "import cpl; recipe = cpl.Recipe('muse_bias'). IMO
it does not make any sense to screen-shoot this somehow, and also not
the command line interface. Or do you have an other idea here?

The plugins are for the end user (astronomer) who wants to reduce the
data from a certain (ESO) telescope: user oriented, but not with a
defined interface.

Similarly, most of the Python packages are (also) user oriented; the
typical use for an end user (astronomer) is to start ipython (or the
ipython notebook) and type "import package". This is a traditional
approach in astronomy (in the past, we had IRAF, and also ESO-MIDAS
latter is in Debian), but I know the same working style from High Energy
Physics. I guess, in many science oriented fields it is the same -- R,
Python and domain specific frameworks cover a large field of the
scientific analysis tools. Even the command line is used heavily by many
average scientists.

In the past, I several times scanned through the astronomy(-dev) package
lists to see where we should complete the entries. You may also check
the science-astronomy task list (or the different lists in
debian-astro): for most of the packages a "screenshot" would be stupid.

So I don't see why it would be useful to remind the science-blends users
to add screenshots to them.

> Debtags are definitely not obsoleted by AppStream.

Then, I didn't uderstand you right here.

> Debtags and screenshots get removed when someone clicks to remove them
> in the web interface and then the admins approve removing them.

Is there a log available what was removed and why? I really feel
disappointed when something is removed silently, and I have to add it
later. What should be my motivation to re-add it?

Best regards


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