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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 8:23 PM, Ole Streicher wrote:

> Two point here, however: Screenshots make sense only for quite a subset
> of packages, so I am not sure why people should get attracted to them in
> a general way. And, Debtags seem to be obsoleted soon by Appstream,
> so I am not sure how much worth the tagging effort is in the moment.

Screenshots are applicable to anything with an interface and I think
since blends are user-oriented, most of the blends packages will have
some sort of interface.

Debtags are definitely not obsoleted by AppStream.

> And personally, I have the "feeled experience" (cannot prove it, since I
> didn't write a log for myself) that Debtags got lost somewhere in the
> past -- for some of my packages I added tags, but they seem to be
> gone. And since the interface is horrible, my motivation to recreate
> them is quite low. Also, at least one screenshot was lost in the
> past (ftools-fv).

Debtags and screenshots get removed when someone clicks to remove them
in the web interface and then the admins approve removing them.



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