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Re: Blends pages, tasks pages etc.

Hi Ole,

On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 08:51:54AM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
> > Depends: keypackage
> > Teaser: yes
> >
> > or something like this.  Any better suggestions are welcome.
> I was think about defining the teasers directly in the web page;

That's another option to define some extra metadata for the web page.

> but
> your idea is great here! However, there are still a few questions/problems:
> * (How) do we define a specific order? We would need the order since
>   - they will have an order on the web page

Well, we could set

  Teaser: 0

by default for any package and do instead of the "yes" value

Depends: keypackage1
Teaser: 1

Depends: keypackage2
Teaser: 2


>   - the number of defined "teaser" packages may be higher than the
>     available space on the web page, so it would need to select the
>     "highest ranking" (or a random selection?)

We could cut at a defined maxteaser value.  The only problem I see in
this approach that the manual maintenance becomes a burden if you need
to ensure manually that no duplicated Teaser values occure.
> * Do we want to have them consistent between possibly different places
>   (Web page, tasksel)? Or is a local definition better here?

Does tasksel allow for a certain sequence?  I'm not aware of this but
that could be me.  For the moment this convention could be simply
implemented in the tasks files and from there propagated to UDD.  Its a
matter of implementation if and how it is used.

A totally different option which could live without the Teaser value
would be to define the key packages according to their popcon value.
This could serve as kind of an objective measure to rank packages in a
task and it is implemented right now.
Kind regards



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