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Re: Redesign metapackage creation for Debian Blends

Hello Andreas,

In the project details you also make a reference to the debtags as an additional source of information and up to now we have not discussed it yet. The main purpose of the project is to rewrite the blend-gen-control to create architecture dependent metapackages using UDD(this is clear) and also provide a way ,when creating metapackages, to keep track of the added/removed packages between releases(that is also clear). I read also in some previous discussions in the mailing list: http://lists.debian.org/debian-blends/2013/03/msg00032.html about your idea of possibly having debtags and tasks side by side for metapackages creation. I got the main idea but in the moment I can not really imagine how it can be done(i need to spend more time in the debtags wiki and investigate more on the subject)

As soon as the main purpose of project is finished and is functional(and by that time I will be more confident about how things are working) we can try to to find a way to also use debtags information in  the metapackage creation.  If you agree , do you want me to add it in the project details as a possible feature, since it is not yet clear,at least for me, if and how can be done?(more and better ideas, also for the changelog entry creation, will surely come up while actually working and coding on the project)

King regards

Emmanouil Kiagias

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