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Re: Redesign metapackage creation for Debian Blends

Hi Emmanouil,

On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 01:14:30AM +0300, Emmanouil Kiagias wrote:
> > ...
> > which in this case would boil donw to graphing this json file rather
> > than checking VCS tags.
> >
> Ok now I understand. The json file solution to save the dependency status
> of all the versions seems quite nice and straightforward. Also it will be
> will easy manageable with python and as you said quite useful for your team
> analysis.

Yes.  BTW, if you see any better way to approach the result (in this or
any future case) feel free to make better suggestions.  In general I
have the impression that I somehow implemented "my" ideas that might be
hard to understand by others.  So some fresh blood / inspiring ideas
might help to let others understand things better and thus enhance the
usability of the toolset.

> The next days I will start preparing my proposal. Should I also add to the
> project details the changelog entry creation to track the added and removed
> packages(per task) between releases?

Sure.  Anything that makes the description better (regarding completenes,
understandability, readability) is perfectly welcome.

> Is there anything else you would suggest me to check?

Not that I would be aware of.

Kind regards



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