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Re: French translation of ???Debian Pure Blends???.

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:07:09AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> Similarly, I do not feel like using something that would be read « debianne
> pioure blèndz » or worse, « debianne pure blèndz », to refer to our work in
> French.

If you are participating in a DebConf or other Debian events you will be
astonished how many pronounciations of Debian in different languages
exist (BTW, I really like the French one ;-)).

> I really think that « Blends pur Debian » is enough and unambiguous.
> It is the parallel usage of both terms in multilingual ressources that will
> establish their pairwise relationship (a kind of linguistic do-o-craty???).

I have learned that in French language is a tendency to find some French
word for everything.  I just have to accept this, but I don't like
changing the name.  The name was choosen with the purpose to rather say
less than to say something wrong and let people read about the
explanation what we mean.  In this sense I would risk that French
speaking people are not immediately able to make a sense out of the term
and just become curios enough to start reading (or hearing your
explanation carefully).  According to my experience of the past two
years this worked somehow.

I don't think that so many French speaking people are reading this list
and my guess you and Xavier are the only ones.  This makes a 1:1 vote
for translation against leaving the name.  Perhaps you might move this
topic to debian-i18n or a French language team list.

In short: I'd strongly favour keeping the noun as it is but I have no
means to prevent a crowd of French speaking activists to change it. ;-)

Kind regards



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