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Re: BrDesktop as Debian Pure Blends

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 09:24:42AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> > The issues which are related to non brdekstop-* packages we (or those
> > more experienced people from BrDesktop team) address to Debian BTS and explain
> > the user how to do it for the next time.
> This is completely unrelated to the location of the Vcs used for brdesktop
> metapackages and I do not suggest any change of this workflow.

Yep, but having the source there we get benefits from the integration with the
wiki and Trac bts. We close bugs through commit messages, we make references to
the tickets in the wikipage and so on. These are some reasons actually I'm not
sure if it's time to migrate.

> > Btw, the mailing list could be migrated easly to Debian infrastructure. I don't
> > like to maintain it in our server. Have you used Alioth for this? Or should it
> > go straight to lists.d.o? I mean, how's the level of Blends "officialiness" in
> > Debian? :)
> Currently most blends have a list on lists.debian.org (with the exception of
> Debian-GIS which is not really active yet and DebiChem which does not yet
> consider itself as a real Blend - try to sort this out at DebConf as well). 
> If you ask *me* I would go for an official Debian mailing list for two
> reasons:
>   1. It perfectly fits!
>   2. It increases visibility of an interesting project.
> Each blend also has a commit list for changes for the alioth project in
> addition which makes perfectly sense.  So I would suggest to file a bug
> against lists.debian.org asking for a list (now ... because creation takes
> some time - so we will have this list at DebConf).

Thanks for this info. I'll manage it so.

> > For now I would prefer giving you write permission to BrDesktop svn repository.
> > So you (maybe we) could start working on the packages in the blends-dev way
> > there. In a near future we can decide where would be the best place to keep the
> > source. If you agree, just tell me your login after registering at:
> > 
> > http://brdesktop.org/cdd/register
> It is 'tille'.



Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
0xA504FECA - http://pgp.mit.edu

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