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Re: BrDesktop as Debian Pure Blends

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 04:05:29PM -0300, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:
> First: Yes, BrDesktop is (at least it is intended to be) a Pure Blend
> Second: Yes, we *do* need to integrate it to the current blends infrastructure
> which you have been building. That will be great!

Fine.  Is it OK to maintain the stuff in the alioth SVN?  I would suggest
something like


if you don't mind.  If you have a better suggestion or some other
place (for instance Debian Edu has metapackage building stuff outside
of the blends SVN for hostorical reasons and we maintain it with SVN
external link - just tell me what you prefer).

Once you decided about the location please tell me the alioth logins
of those people who need to access / maintain the data to enable me
to add those to the project.  I could also add admin role for you to
enable you to add further members of BrDesktop yourself.

I might be able to prepare the first rough layout before the end
of next week before I go on VAC.
> Please let me give you some info about this project:
> I've been coordinating this project in Brazil since Otavio decided to priorize
> other fields in Debian from 2007. BrDesktop is nothing more than the new face of
> the former Debian-BR-CDD. I hope you agree the name BrDesktop is much better
> than Debian-BR-CDD :)


> The fact is we needed something which would say the distribuition is Debian,
> it's built for Brazilians and it's for Desktop users. So we released the
> following name/slogan for the project:
> "BrDesktop:
> 	+ simples + Debian"
> which is supposed to mean:
> Br = For Brazilian users
> Desktop = For desktop users
> + simples = simpler than using the regular Debian iso *for this public*
> + Debian = it's Debian. Actually it's an attempt to differ from forks and other
> non-oficial stuff like Ubuntu which have gained popularity in Brazil,
> increasing the distance between users and the Debian project.

I see we perfectly agree in the way to go!  I'm really happy about this.
> There are more ideas involved on this project, such as the intent of being a
> kind of bridge to prospective Brazilian contributors; providing some 'stable'
> testing suite snapshots for users who don't want to keep using stable, as André
> has said; helping non english speakers to address issues to bts, and so on.

Good idea.
> On 2009-04-30 we released BrDesktop Lenny[0] and I personally consider this one
> as a Pure Blend, even not adhering to the blends-dev at that time. However, I
> can point out the three biggest issues in BrDesktop Lenny which I'm going to
> work during DC9 in order to avoid happening in the future releases:
> * We didn't get the benefits of the current Debian blends infrastructure;

I'd be very glad to help here.

> By considering the first issue I list above I didn't add BrDesktop in any
> official document from Debian. I wanted to have it using blends-dev before
> doing so. Now André did, so it's time to work on this and of course your help
> will be very welcome!

You can perfectly relay on me here.
> Yes, you even didn't know that, but it has been included in my DC plans
> bothering you in order get these things done :)

> I probably wont work on this before DC due to other pending work I have to
> conclude in Debian, such as my NM process, but feel free to hack the packages
> if you want. The worst case we address this during DC, which is not bad at all.

Good luck to pass NM fast.

See you at DebConf



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