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Re: BrDesktop as Debian Pure Blends

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 11:35:33PM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 04:05:29PM -0300, Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:
> > First: Yes, BrDesktop is (at least it is intended to be) a Pure Blend
> > Second: Yes, we *do* need to integrate it to the current blends infrastructure
> > which you have been building. That will be great!
> Fine.  Is it OK to maintain the stuff in the alioth SVN?  I would suggest
> something like
>     svn://svn.debian.org/blends/projects/brdesktop/trunk/brdesktop/
> if you don't mind.  If you have a better suggestion or some other
> place (for instance Debian Edu has metapackage building stuff outside
> of the blends SVN for hostorical reasons and we maintain it with SVN
> external link - just tell me what you prefer).

Hmm, note that brdesktop.org website is actually a Trac system. We use its bug
tracking system integrated to the wiki, blog, mailing list and our svn

http://brdesktop.org/cdd/browser (browse source in svn)
http://brdesktop.org/cdd/reports (tickets)
http://brdesktop.org/cdd/blog (blog)

This is part of the attempt of having new contributors working with us. We
consider the Trac BTS is easier to handle than Debian BTS. I'm not sure about
Alioth's. Please give me some time to check this. The thing is we want to give
a chance to the new user to easly handle bugs, send patches etc - in our own
language. The issues which are related to non brdekstop-* packages we (or those
more experienced people from BrDesktop team) address to Debian BTS and explain
the user how to do it for the next time.

Btw, the mailing list could be migrated easly to Debian infrastructure. I don't
like to maintain it in our server. Have you used Alioth for this? Or should it
go straight to lists.d.o? I mean, how's the level of Blends "officialiness" in
Debian? :)

> Once you decided about the location please tell me the alioth logins
> of those people who need to access / maintain the data to enable me
> to add those to the project.  I could also add admin role for you to
> enable you to add further members of BrDesktop yourself.

For now I would prefer giving you write permission to BrDesktop svn repository.
So you (maybe we) could start working on the packages in the blends-dev way
there. In a near future we can decide where would be the best place to keep the
source. If you agree, just tell me your login after registering at:


Then use "svn co https://brdesktop.org/svn/trunk";. You can create a new dir, or
do whatever you want to start the job.

> I might be able to prepare the first rough layout before the end
> of next week before I go on VAC.

That would be nice :)


Tiago Bortoletto Vaz
0xA504FECA - http://pgp.mit.edu

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