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merging problems with ltsp baz archives

>   Duplicated ids among each group of files listed here:
>   client/.arch-ids/ltsp-client-setup.id   E_Vagrant_Cascadian_<vagrant@freegeek.org>_Sat_Aug__6_21:53:32_2005_4870.0
>   debian/.arch-ids/ltsp-client.ltsp-client-setup.default.id
>   client/ltsp-client-setup        x_Vagrant_Cascadian_<vagrant@freegeek.org>_Sat_Aug__6_21:53:32_2005_4870.0
>   debian/ltsp-client.ltsp-client-setup.default

i had this same problem.  manually merging the patches one at a time
worked for me (with this particular patch):

baz merge matt.zimmerman@canonical.com/ltsp--main--0--patch-X

don't know if there's a better way to do it with baz (at least the
version in sarge).  i did try to build a "backport" of baz to sarge, but
haven't tested the packages yet.

live well,

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