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Re: Diskless CDDs: ltsp and lessdisks

> > > This has little to do with custom distributions, either.  It is about LTSP
> > > development, and it arguably belongs on the LTSP mailing lists.
> > 
> > i disagree entirely. as i see it, this is about using a customized
> > debian/ubuntu as a framework for diskless systems.
> Exactly the same could be said about X, GNOME, d-i, and any number of other
> components which are used in customized distributions.  That does not mean
> that we should discuss their implementations here, except where we are
> specifically adapting them for customization.

perhaps i see your point, here. patches that are only relevent for LTSP
development should not be posted here, and ditto for lessdisks.  i will
look for an appropriate LTSP list to post my ltsp-specific work.

(that said, please remove the lessdisks list from the CC list in replies
to this thread, it requires moderator access for non-member posts, and
is arguably off-topic :)

> I'm not going to waste any more time arguing about where the discussion
> should be held; 

fine with me.  i'm not overly concerned with exactly what happens where,
just as long as work gets done, and effort is minimally duplicated.

> I have plenty of code that needs writing.

speaking of which, i managed to stumble my way through baz and it's
bugs/limitations (with much help from otavio and the #bazaar channel on
freenode), and my changes to the ubuntu ltsp are published at:


in the ltsp--fixes--0 ... branch(?).

i tried to make the commits small, but i made no attempt to preserve the
order of which changes were made when- it ended up being about 25
patches, and took quite some time to split it all into smaller sets.
but it's well worth it.

> > my intent with this thread is to see where lessdisks and ltsp can
> > collaborate, and ideally bring in others such a FAI, systemimager, etc.
> > and possibly even create tools useable by distributions other than
> > debian/ubuntu.
> Collaboration between lessdisks and LTSP is even less on-topic here; 

i would think work on installing ltsp using lessdisks-install as an
alternative to ltsp-build-client, with the goal of making a common tools
that could be used by all Diskless CDD implementations would be
appropriate here.  maybe CDD is even too specific, but i don't rightly
know where else to take such conversations.

> in fact, given the interest you have expressed in collaborating with
> LTSP, I'm surprised you haven't approached the LTSP project about
> lessdisks, rather than contacting debian-edu, debian-custom, me, etc.  

well, the ubuntu implementation of LTSP is the first i have seen of
anything similar enough to lessdisks that i would have anything to offer
LTSP. i didn't know who else to get in contact regarding ubuntu's LTSP
but the package maintainer.

debian-edu was/is interested in porting the ubuntu packages to debian (i
didn't start that thread).

debian-custom seems the best place for developing a concept of a
Diskless CDD (i didn't move the thread there, either).

> It sounds like in the process of LTSP you have developed some ideas
> similar to what Jim and I have discussed regarding the relationship
> between LTSP and distributions.

indeed, which is why i've recently taken interest in LTSP, though
lessdisks has only ever made a "debian" implementation.

live well,

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