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Diskless CDDs: ltsp and lessdisks

> > Please move discussion to debian-custom instead. This topic does not
> > sound that very specific to education...
> > 
> > I have taken the bold step and cross-posted. Please follow-up only to
> > debian-custom and the individuals (possibly) not subscribed there.
> This has little to do with custom distributions, either.  It is about LTSP
> development, and it arguably belongs on the LTSP mailing lists.

i disagree entirely. as i see it, this is about using a customized
debian/ubuntu as a framework for diskless systems.

it started on debian-edu, as debian-edu is interested in getting ltsp
into debian, but i think it goes well beyond debian-edu's specific

largely, i have been working on the ltsp packages to get familiar with
ltsp, so i can better understand the potential for sharing code and
ideas with lessdisks and other systems.  and the easiest way for me to
do that is make it installable and useable on debian :)

my intent with this thread is to see where lessdisks and ltsp can
collaborate, and ideally bring in others such a FAI, systemimager, etc.
and possibly even create tools useable by distributions other than

maybe it's a project unto itself, but to me debian-custom seems like the
closest appropriate list.  but that could just be me not wanting to sign
up for yet another list. :)

live well,

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