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Re: Diskless CDDs: ltsp and lessdisks

On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 06:12:38PM -0600, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:

> > mizar:[~] baz register-archive http://llama.freegeek.org/~vagrant/baz-archives/vagrant@freegeek.org--2005
> > unable to access URL: /~vagrant/baz-archives/vagrant@freegeek.org--2005/.listing
> > webdav error: 404 Not Found
> my bad.. typo.  "baz-archive" not "baz-archives", try:
> http://llama.freegeek.org/~vagrant/baz-archive/vagrant@freegeek.org--2005/
> you should have considerably better luck, i hope. :)

Much better.  I've started reviewing your patches; thanks for separating
them out.

patch-1	drop direct modification of /etc/exports in postinst/postrm to comply with debian policy

	You seem to imply that modifying /etc/exports is a policy violation.
	Did you assume it was a conffile? (it isn't)

patch-2	support for tmpfs+bind mount alternative to unionfs
patch-3	Improved descriptions
patch-4	Corrected log message for patch-3
patch-5	allow ssh as alternative to openssh-server and openssh-client for sarge compatibility
patch-8	Copyright file changes
patch-9	Explicit python dependency
patch-10	support initrd-netboot-tools as alternative to initramfs-tools
patch-12	TODO.Debian
patch-13	sdm support

	Merged into mainline

patch-6	Use atftpd in preference to tftpd-hpa

	Why is atftpd preferable?

patch-7	only set "LTSPROOT" and "clients" variables if not already set, pass these variables to ltsp-update-* from ltsp-build-client

	The hardcoded values do need to go away, but this isn't how I intended
	for it to work.  ltsp-update-kernels and ltsp-update-sshkeys always
	need to scan all client trees on the system, i.e. all of /opt/ltsp.

patch-11	/etc/default/ltsp-client-setup

	I merged this, then made changes to it:

	- Use debhelper to install the /etc/default file
	- Use an FHS-compliant directory (/var/run/ltsp)

patch-14	apt-get dist-upgrade in ltsp-build-client

	I don't understand why you did this; please explain

patch-15	Parameterization of ltsp-build-client

	Please don't change the defaults at the same time that you make
	other changes; it makes it more difficult for me to merge


	Conflicted, presumably require patch-15

 - mdz

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