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Re: Getting Started

I have put together a µCluster that addresses some of these concerns.
Photogs of
it can be seen here...


As you can probably see from the pix, I have a lid that opens up so that you
can maintain the nodes. I reversed the power connections on one side to bury
the cables in the belly of the box; I have palm switches that go in there as
well. It is arranged so that the MoBos function much like blades; I have
the pix were taken) put an ATX umbilical together so that when you pull the
MoBo out it springs loose. Putting it back in is a little trickier. I eschewed
latency concerns in favor of bandwidth ones and implemented a channel-bonding
scheme much like the one used at http://ilab.usc.edu/beo. Marty Connor wrote a
wonderful PXE HOWTO at www.ltsp.org/documentation/pxe.howto.html that pretty
much worked right out of the box for me... I need to make some more design
changes before it is ready for primetime and then I am going to loan it to Jon
Proulx (of this list and elsewhere) to evaluate for a while.... I agree with
many of Jorge's suggestions (I ran his page through the URL translator at
worldlingo.com) and for raw heat-spewing, number-crunching, beowulf-thrashing
performance, AMD CPUs are the way to go...

...now if only we could get the data to and from the AMD MoBos faster!   

Kurt Keville
Debian Beowulf Users Group (DeBUG)
Cluster On!

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