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Getting Started

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to this list and have a few questions regarding debian
beowulf. First, a bit of background. I am setting up a beowulf cluster
from 16 old donated Sun SparcStation 20's, the main node has a 10gig HD
and the slaves will be diskless clients. I am currently in the process
of setting up NFS stuff to boot each client. However, finding resources
has not been that easy, the linux HOW-TO's appear to be x86 specific,
and do not even remotley mention the Debian tools available. 

In the process of researching the correct method for setup, I ran across
this article: http://freeos.com/articles/2444/2/1-3 and although a
little out of date (mainly referring to some deprecated make-kpkg
switches, no big deal) it would appear to be quite good for initially
setting up my nodes. 

So here's what I am wondering:

1. Beyond the standard (and somewhat out of date) HOWTO's for beowulf
clustering, is there either newer or debian resources? 

2. I am limited to diskless nodes (due to $$$) however, what in your
experiences provide a better setup? disked machines which need syncing
or diskless nodes?

3. If there are documents for debian (or debian sparc) beowulf
clustering which I am simply overlooking, I have been documenting all my
work and would be happy to add sparc stuff, or update out of date
documentation (since I have tonnes of my own notes kicking around here

Looking forward to your input.


Dan Nedelko
Research Software Developer             tel: (519) 884-0710 x2731
Dept. of Physics and Computing          cell:(519) 721-4045     
Wilfrid Laurier University              email: dan@genuinemedia.com

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