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Re: Getting Started

On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 10:21:20AM -0300, Jorge L. deLyra wrote:

:I think this is the utility in the kernel-package package, right? Well, we
:do use Debian exclusively here, but the one thing we do not use Debian for
:is compiling the kernel. We always compile our kernels directly from the
:original sources. It is easy, instructive, and fun!

There's a multitute of oppinions about make-kpkg.  We also use Debian
as our only Linux platform, and build from "original sources".
make-kpkg allows you to do this and get kernel.deb's out the other

I use it for kernels that will be distributed to many machines (ie Lab
Standard Workstation kernels), because having .deb's I can put in a
local package repository and have people apt-get is very
convenient. For single use kernels like the proposed diskless setup,
and my NFSrooted installer I just use make as I find it simpler.


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