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Re: Dependency issues upgrading icedove to 10.0.12-1~bpo60+1

On 01/24/2013 02:54 PM, Rodney wrote:
so, not too difficult for a developer such as yourself with a degree
in computer science to figure out.

No, it did not take too long, but longer than I would have liked. Aptitude presented the ~300 packages it would have uninstalled, and I had to select one and trace the suggestions back to one of the packages that didn't get upgraded properly. I would prefer aptitude to tell me "hey, these are the packages that have broken dependencies."

(It does when you run an install operation from the command-line, but not through the curses UI -- at least not that I could find. Had I gone into aptitude armed with the information from the command-line attempt I could have tracked it down faster, but it did not occur to me to do this for some reason. I guess months of not having a single dependency issue requiring manual resolution has weakened me.)

It might have been good for you to have shared the three things you
had to do in the interest of making it easier to figure out for
anyone else who encountered a similar issue.

Yes, I probably should have. By that point I'd forgotten which specific packages I'd had to manually mark for upgrade to the bpo versions. The list you came up with looks correct.

I'm not sure how your libnss3-1d got out of sync with libnss3, mine
are both at the backports version. I'd guess that it was an existing
condition before you tried to do the Icedove upgrade.

Probably, yes. Perhaps if this had already been resolved then the upgrade with "-t squeeze-backports" would have worked from the very start.

Chris Howie

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