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Re: nginx


* Andrew Sharp <andy.sharp@lsi.com> [2010-01-18 23:41:54 CET]:
> I have to agree.  I find this attitude needlessly snobby.

 This is one thing, and yes, Alexander could have used more pleasing
wording. Though:

> Of all the areas, backporting is the easiest.  It's the natural best
> place for newbies start out and cut their teeth.

 This I highly disagree with. Backports is meant as addition for the
stable release. The stable release is known to actually _be_ stable -
and people would also expect some sort of stability/relieability with
respect to packages from backports. When even long-standing Debian
Developer's like Bubulle or me fail at times in this area then actually
I really don't want to see even more issues pop up just because it's
seen as being "easiest" or "place for newbies" - because it just isn't.

 People are using packages from stable - and with that also packages
_for_ stable - on production systems. Having some sort of relieable
quality in here is a very valid request and wish and I don't think that
people would like to dig around who actually maintains the backport to
check wether they could trust the package or not to some degree. I'm
very glad that Alex is doing the gatekeeper job in this respect - even
though it doesn't gain him any sympathy or nice words.

> There has to be somewhere for this to happen, unless those involved
> have forgotten how they got started in the first place.

 This somewhere is unstable, not backports. Backports is targeted at
stable systems, unstable is the place where problems do happen on a
regular basis and are accepted and excusable.

> It's this kind of thing that causes "unofficial" backport web sites to
> start up, and for a distro to switch from glibc to eglibc, and so forth.

 Opening backports to people that like to call themself newbies and like
to keep it that way won't make backports any more official, rather the
contrary. People do want to have a relieability within backports, for
valid and good reasons, and you won't gain that by accepting packages
from people that never before packaged anything.

 Hope you can see the other side now, too.

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