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Re: nginx


daniel schrieb:

> Thanks for clarification, here is the full warning output:
> dpkg-genchanges: warning: the current version (0.7.64-1~bpo50+1) is
> smaller than the previous one (0.7.64-1)
> dpkg-genchanges: not including original source code in upload
> [...]
> W: nginx source: changelog-should-mention-nmu
> W: nginx source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 0.7.64-1~bpo50+1

You can add yourself to uploaders and avoid these two warnings.  That
has the additional benefit, that your upload will be listed on the
package tracking system for you.

> So, shall I ignore everything above?

You should make sure, that your upload contains the original source
code.  debbuild / dpkg-buildpackage has a parameter to ensure that.

Best regards,

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