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Re: Backport of tor

* Martijn Grendelman <martijn@pocos.nl> [2007-09-18 14:35:44 CEST]:
> As I said in my previous mail, I don't care too much about the quality
> of the pools, I leave that up to the actual user.

 Having said that ...

> @Rhonda: I am just trying to make life a little easier. I would
> appreciate it more if you told me what to impove instead of telling
> other people not to use my site.

 ... I can't other but discourage people to look there, sorry,
especially since you don't even put on the page that the users should be
very careful about what to pull from there and leave them completely in
the dark about problems they might get with pulling from the various
ressources there.

 So long,

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