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Re: Backport of tor

* Martijn Grendelman <martijn@pocos.nl> [2007-09-18 14:06:21 CEST]:
> Hi,
> > The main issue is how one would go about finding a backport. I
> > couldn't find the backport of "tor" because I went about searching for
> > the backport via backports.org rather than search via the upstream
> > for "tor".
> > 
> > Had I done the latter, I would surely have found Peter's package.
> For this purpose, http://www.debian-database.org/ was created.

 There is no indication about the quality of the pools there - and from
what I know it doesn't receive many checks about outdatedness of
packages there.  I would recommend to _not_ recommend entries from there
without any intensive checks.

 So long,

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