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Re: Backport of tor

Gerfried Fuchs schreef:
> * Martijn Grendelman <martijn@pocos.nl> [2007-09-18 14:06:21 CEST]:
>> Hi,
>>> The main issue is how one would go about finding a backport. I
>>> couldn't find the backport of "tor" because I went about searching for
>>> the backport via backports.org rather than search via the upstream
>>> for "tor".
>>> Had I done the latter, I would surely have found Peter's package.
>> For this purpose, http://www.debian-database.org/ was created.
>  There is no indication about the quality of the pools there - and from
> what I know it doesn't receive many checks about outdatedness of
> packages there.  I would recommend to _not_ recommend entries from there
> without any intensive checks.

As I said in my previous mail, I don't care too much about the quality
of the pools, I leave that up to the actual user. Moreover, the pools
included are, for the most part, well-known, much-used and maintained by
Debian developers.

Regarding outdatedness: it is not trivial to determine the outdatedness
of a particular package, since you can't just compare the version
strings. For exactly this reason, the current version in Debian
testing/unstable is listed directly next to the version in the package
you're looking at, so you can decide for yourself if the package is
outdated or not.

The database is updated every night and as long as a package is
available in a particular repository, it will remain listed.

@Rhonda: I am just trying to make life a little easier. I would
appreciate it more if you told me what to impove instead of telling
other people not to use my site.

Best regards,

Martijn Grendelman

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